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If you’re looking for a fun Easter treat, stop right now because this is it! These adorable nests are the perfect dessert for your Easter buffet. Did we mention they’re kid friendly? Kids absolutely love helping you make these nests, so get the whole family involved!

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These little nests are ridiculously easy to make and taste pretty darn good, too. The chow mein noodles are crunchy and a little bit salty, which provides the perfect contrast to the gooey marshmallows that serve as the glue for the nests. The Cadbury Mini-Eggs on top are Lindsey’s favorite part – they remind her of studying abroad in Scotland. If you’re anything like her, you should probably buy an extra bag of the mini-eggs so that you have enough left over after munching to top these adorable nests.

It really doesn’t get easier (or yummier) than this.

Melt butter over medium heat.

Add marshmallows to the butter.

Stir the marshmallows and butter until melted and smooth, like the photo above.

Add the noodles to the marshmallow mixture.

Mix the noodles and marshmallows together until the marshmallows hold the noodles together like a glue. This is very similar to making Rice Krispies treats.

Let the mixture cool slightly and scoop into the muffin tin, shaping the noodles into mini nests.

Place several candy eggs in each nest.

Garnish each nest with a Peep as a “momma bird,” and get ready to have friends and family ooh and ahh over these cute desserts.

Here’s the recipe:
4 cups crunchy chow mein noodles
1/4 cup butter
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 (8 ounce) package candy coated chocolate eggs
2 packages marshmallow peeps
cooking spray

Heat butter and marshmallows over medium heat, stirring until melted. Add noodles to the marshmallow mixture and stir till completely coated, like you would do when making Rice Krispies treats.

Spray a 12-cup muffin tin, then hands with cooking spray.

Place mixture into muffin cups and shape with hands to form “nests.” Fill nests with candy eggs and perch one Peep on the side of each nest.

Place nests on a tray and put back in the fridge till completely set.

 Nom. nom. nom.