Hey Everybody! Did you think we forgot about you? How could we ever do that? Lindsey got a new job and has been super busy, so the family hardly sees her (and she hardly sees the kitchen!) And since she has forbidden Cindy from doing any blog dinners that she can’t taste, we’ve had a little delay in posting new dishes. But all will be forgiven once you try the recipes in this post – they are so yummy!

Summer is definitely here… and that means swimsuit season is too. Aren’t you glad that we’ve been cooking up all the diet lifestyle-change-friendly dishes all winter? Yeah, that’s what we thought ! So, in continuing the spirit of our healthy eating, we are firing up the grill to cook some Honey Mustard Pork Chops and Grilled Asparagus. And while it’s getting hot out and most people are stripping down, we’re zipping things up. In a Ziploc bag, that is. Both of these recipes use baggies to make cleanup easy – so grab a few Ziploc baggies and let’s get cooking!

Honey Mustard Pork Chops Weight Watchers
These pork chops have been a family favorite for at least 5 years. Cindy found this recipe in a Weight Watchers cookbook and knew she had to try it when she saw that it had only four ingredients. You know how we love simple recipes! This dish is totally kid friendly – the nugget digs these chops. We always double the sauce to make sure the pork chops have a lot of flavor and juice – we definitely recommend doing it that way!

We start with 3 easy to find ingredients: honey, Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar

Stir these ingredients until they’re well blended.

Blend these ingredients in a small bowl over low heat.

Once the mixture has cooled, pour the sauce over the pork chops that have been placed in a Ziploc bag.

 Press the air out of the bag and massage gently in to the meat so that the sauce covers all of the chops. If the chops have a bone, take extra care not to poke a hole in the bag. Double bagging will prevent leakage.

Marinate the pork chops in the fridge anywhere from 2 hours to overnight.

When ready to cook, place the chops on a hot grill – once the outside is browned, turn down the heat a little and move the chops to the top rack.

Flip the chops after a couple of minutes on the first side.

Once both sides are beautifully browned, move them to the upper shelf of the grill.

Then nom down on these chops!

Here’s the recipe:
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
4 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon apple cider or 1 teaspoon white-wine vinegar
20 ounces bone-in loin pork chops, 4 chops, each about 1 inch thick

Whisk together marinade ingredients in small bowl or cup: mustard, honey and vinegar.

Transfer marinade to large zip lock plastic bag and add pork. Squeeze out air and seal bag. Coat pork completely with marinade by massaging or turning the bag several times.

Chill pork in marinade 2 hours or overnight, turning bag occasionally.

Preheat grill on high.

Remove chops from bag and discard marinade. Place chops on grill and cook until pork is done. Enjoy!

Grilled Asparagus
We are asparagus freaks. We eat asparagus one way or another at least once a week (sometimes more!) and we love it. It’s a great veggie because it’s easy to prep and cook. One tip we want to share: when shopping for the asparagus, always buy the thinnest stalks you can find. The skinny ones turn out way better when you grill them than the fatties do. We know there are people who swear by the fat ones, but we always go thin. Is this our mind sending subliminal messages to our bodies, maybe? It’s all about personal preference, so buy what you like the best. But really, when it comes to asparagus, thin is in!

To start, trim the asparagus and place in a Ziploc.

Drizzle olive oil (we always use garlic olive oil, remember?) and sprinkle generously with kosher salt, sea salt OR seasoned salt – but not all three! We alternate our salt choice depending on the mood and what’s easiest for us to get to. Sometimes we even add garlic salt… but make sure to have a toothbrush handy for after dinner if you do that!

Just like with the pork chops, massage it all together. This can sit at room temperature for several hours if you have the time, but 30 minutes works just fine if that’s all the time you have.

Once on the grill, add a little extra salt to the areas that didn’t get seasoning in the baggie. Using tongs, carefully roll the asparagus back and forth browning it. To finish the cooking, move it to the top rack.

We cook ours until the asparagus is still a little crunchy, but just starting to wilt.  You will see what we are talking about as you are cooking it. Again, personal preference on the finished product. If you like a crunchier finish, take it off earlier than if you like it more on the wilted side.

If that isn’t summer on a platter, I don’t know what is!

Here’s the recipe:
1 pound asparagus
1 – 2 tbsp olive oil (we use garlic olive oil)
Salt – sea, kosher, seasoned (whatever your preference)

Trim asparagus and place in baggie. Blend in oil and seasoning and massage gently to distribute oil. Let sit at least 30 minutes.

Grill to desired tenderness and feast!

Nom. nom. nom.